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in 30 minutes. on live doppler 9000 hd, i zoomed in to northern virginia toward loudoun county and the martinsburg area. some showers there are moving to the north. watch out. that is coming up route 15, frederick county in a while and we will all see rain showers move in the next two to three hours. temperatures start in the 40s and 50s going to only near 60 today. kris sneed has the traffic update. >> we will start in maryland on the beltway. checking out the outer loop from 95 to 270, no problems here. going to the realtime graphics and check out out, 4, 5 and 301 in brandywine. no issues to report. switch to inbound new york avenue. no issues from the times building to the third street tunnel. a clear commute. going back to the graphics, you can see construction should be cleared or in the clearing stages and no delays to worry about and 66 eastbound, live shot past 7100 to the beltway looking good. andrea? >>> good morning, andrea. the title of a hearing is called, i want to get this right, the washington metro system's safety, service and stability to examine the challeng
. but overall so far so good. not causing problems. taking it over to virginia. 66 eastbound. we are doing great through manassas, centreville and beyond. beltway in virginia, happy to report the construction at telegraph is gone. and i can't recollect over to you. >>> earlier this year, northrop grumman announced plans to move to our region and now we know the world's fourth largest defense contractor is moving the corporate headquarters to northern virginia. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live with more. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. both virginia and maryland have been courting northrop grumman since last january when the company announced it wanted to move to the washington area. the company made its decision. it will be moving its headquarters to one of two locations in northern virginia, it is either at a site out near dulles airport or right here in crystal city where, as we all know already has several defense contractors in the area and of course we can't forget it is practically next door to the pentagon. i want to share with you what the north rom grumman had to say a
, virginia, prosecutor will not press charges against a tennessee woman who put her adopted son on a flight back to russia. he says the fact the boy flew out of dulles airport does not give him jurisdiction. the mother returned him to a russian orphanage saying it failed to disclose his severe psychological problems. >>> a push to turn more health care over to nurses. that story is coming up. >>> and we are looking for better news from your department, how ward. >> we have dense fog in affect. we will let you know when we will get the better weather. it is coming. 9 news will return after this. >>> tuesday will not rank as a chamber of commerce days thanks to the gray skies, off and on rain and chilly temperatures. welcome back to 9 news now. hearn howard bernstein is here to. will the chamber of commerce be pleased with your forecast today. >> today, tomorrow and the first part of friday. >> you are messing up our weekend. >> a little cooler once again. don't plant the tinner stuff unless you are in the northern neck. we could have frosts for another week. we had the heat but it was weird.
in virginia, those ramps should be reopening at 66 here as we take a live look near the little river, 236 exit and at the mixing bowl. the ramps should be opening about now. on 395 northbound. drivers are moving at speed from the beltway to the 14 t street bridge. and inbound new york avenue, you are clear all the way to the third street tunnel. back to you. >>> just as things appeared heading to back to normal in the skies over europe, another eruption from the volcano in iceland threatens to wreak havoc again. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live from dulles airport with more. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. there's some good news here. europe has started to allow some limited air traffic. in fact today flights took off from amsterdam and moscow, but, and here's the bad news, there is more volcanic ash from an even stronger eruption. scientists say the volcano is strengthening and say a new ash cloud is heading straight to europe which is threatening to keep the runways grounded a sixth straight day. originally it appeared the giant plume was beginning to clea
in ohio with rain in to pennsylvania, west virginia. northern virginia and maryland. southern areas are still quiet. often live doppler hd, i want to show you the action to the west and northwest this morning across parts of the shenandoah valley. you can see it from bentonville and front royal across 66. as you get out of faulkier county between that and i-81. heavier rain to the north and east. seen it in loudoun county also, moving north of poolesville. that will get in to frederick county and the west side of 270. there you are seeing more moderate showers. as we go up north on 15 up through gettysburg heavier showers. on the weather computer, talk temperatures with you. low to mid-50s. south 57 in fredericksburg. we will see a day with more showers occasional thunder. highs mid-60s to low 70s on the south side of our suburbs. angie. >> thank you, howard. hey, everybody. a minute after the 5:00 hour. we are here to jump start your workweek and begin with a look at a realtime graphic. zoom in and look at 95 and the bw parkway. smooth sailing heading southbound toward 495. spookin
loop, to go eastbound 66, crash activity keeps the ramp closed. overall in virginia, not seeing any problems as far as the speed of drivers between 95 past braddick up towards this exit. as we move over to upper marlboro, this has been around since early this morning. eastbound 214 still closed at watkinsburg drive because of cash activity. you want to make a left onto watkins park and a right onto chestertown. then you go to kettering to make another right to access 214. route 4, route 5, 301, no problems to report out here. andrea, back to you. >> thank you, angie. >>> just when we were getting used to the sunshine, bad weather came in. we had heavy rains and strong winds that brought down power lines. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. just when we were getting used to the sunshine, the warm weather, it as starting to feel like summer. we had high winds and heavy rains that brought town several trees as you said. i'm standing in front of one of the biggest we've seen. this is a giant tree, and it has crashed into the town homes here in northeast d.c. i'm o
this morning. we have a few clouds out of west virginia, virginia. lighter sprinkles passed north overnight, and temperatures on the cooler side in spots. gaithersburg, baltimore 43. it is 43 culpeper. 48 fredericksburg. 53 southern maryland and hello our friends on the eastern shore you are at 45. looking at the day at a glance, a chilly start and warm finish. we will be in the lo 60s pretty quickly. 70s for lunchtime and even warmer over the weekend. it is 5:00. good morning. happy friday, angie. >>> doesn't that sound nice? happy friday. we are already geared up for the weekend. don't worry. we're going to get there. 66 no problems to report from manassas to inside the beltway. taking it to the beltway in virginia, check it out, the construction has cleared near 985 and 236 and also around 66. hello, maryland, lanes with wide open from 121 to the split on 270. back to realtime graphics and show you pennsylvania avenue, branch avenue and crane highway. all of the roads are accident free and call it a wrap with a look at inbound new york avenue. we are moving at speed between the washingto
here. >>> good morning. happy thursday. let's begin with 95 headed northbound in virginia. everything looking fine from quantico up towards the springfield interchange. 395, that northbound trip, so far so good, no accidents. we're also all clear as you glance at the realtime graphics. route 4, pennsylvania, branch avenue, crane highwayway, no complaints, beltway in maryland, no complaints. colesville road, an example of drivers moving at speed. looks like construction around the beltway. 5:00, out of here. ending with inbound new york avenue, moving from the times building to the tunnel, without incident. back to you. >>> this morning, prince george's county firefighters have spent hours battling flames at a townhouse plex. -- complex. the scene is in the 7800 block of jacobs way. kristin fisher has more. >> reporter: good morning. this fire started in the town holm behind me, you can see it's sustained very major damage in this blaze. the fire started here. it spread to about four other townhomes. five townhomes total. three sustained pretty severe damage. look here and yo
are traveling southern west virginia to roanoke and you will see some of that action. you can see it across kentucky, ohio and in to tennessee. a couple of sprinkles overnight. we are saying good-bye to it as it is across southern maryland. switch over to doppler hd. you will see across st. mary's county and dahlgren, a couple of sprinkles and central in to southern calvert county near lusby, prince frederick heading to cambridge and south and east and that's the last of it this morning. a little on the cool side, a light wrap as we call it of 40s and 50s but we have spots in the shenandoah valley out west in the 40s. going to 70 later. it is 5:00 straight up. angie has a look at the friday commute. >> tgif. man, feels great to say that. let's begin with a look at 95. we take it live outside. nice drive dumfries to the micking bowl. as you move to the realtime graphics, route 4, route 5, 301 is all incident and accident free. a check on the outer loop in maryland shows things are moving 95 and 270 both ways. inner loop is okay. 95 and bw parkway. all the construction earlier has cleared out
's our next stop, it appears to be smooth sailing from father hurley to the smith. next we have virginia 66 heading eastbound. you are clear through manassas to centreville. we are watching 395 northbound. drivers are moving at speed past duke street and the pentagon in to dc, crossing the 14th street bridge and we will wrap it up with a report of an accident going northbound on 95 at the fairfax county parkway exit. andrea, back to you. >>> students at dc's shawn middle school are returning to class for the first time since their principal was found murdered in his home last thursday. montgomery county detectives have been working the case throughout the weekend. kristin fisher is live outside of the school with more. >> reporter: officials have been keeping quiet in the investigation of the death of brian betts. they have spent hours combing the house for clues but the break was on saturday morning when police found principal brian betts' suv parked behind a children's ministry. his vehicle was discovered by this neighbor. >> i noticed the vehicle and asked one of my neighbor's whose v
to the 14th street bridge. the beltway in virginia, looks like construction should be clearing at 95, 395 and little river turnpike and 66. good news there. a check on maryland's outer loop, no issues to report from 95 and 270. a quick look at 95 and the bw parkway. both southbound commutes are checking out nice, green and at speed. northbound 95, construction should be clearing at powder mill and also at 32. back to you. >>> later today the public will have more chances to pay respects to dr. dorothy height. the civil rights icon died last week at age 98. dr. height's friends, family and dignitaries will be coming here this morning for the private viewing that starts at 9:00 a.m. yesterday it was the public's turn to pay their final respects. more than 1,000 people turned out they are the public viewing. the line wrapped around the building and stretched for three city blocks. many arrived wearing big elegant hats to honor dr. height. she was well known for her hat collection and better known as the matriarch of the civil rights movement. the only woman who stood next to him during his i
luxury resort is adding exclusive west virginia property to the holdings resort at glade springs. jim justice won't say how much he paid in the deal he describes as a bailout. they sufferd with the economy. justice says it's been profitable more than the green briar. >>> a european airline installing vending machines on planes to cut cost. passengers on ripe will be able to buy drinks sandwiches and snacks reducing the number of night attendants. >> you have to wait until you get at cruising altitude. we are safing quarters for the vending machine. tell us how to save more money. >> we are getting secrets from those coupon shoppers galore. we will make coupons work for you this morning. >>> michelle obama welcomes spring with the help of legal elementary school students. replanted the white house garden assisted by students from bancroft elementally and holland elementary. one thousand pounds of food harvested was used at the white house and area homeless shelters. >>> happy ending for puppies, three rottweiler puppies were found near death in northwest washington. they had collars to
of those roads and wrap it up with the beltway in virginia. bad, bad bad out here. watch your speed. no incidents or accidents to report but low visibility is the big story this morning. back to you. >>> maryland state board of elections is requesting an investigation of state senator ulysses curry of prince georges county. according to the baltimore sun, the influential senator is accused of using $41,000 in campaign funds to pay for apparent criminal defense legal fees over the last year. the board is not satisfied with how the campaign explained more than $53,000 in questionable expenditures. >>> dc police need your help to catch two robbers. officers say two men walked in to nelly's sports bar in the 900 block of u street northwest on monday night. they say the manwaring the baseball caps pointed a weapon at the manager and demanded cash the pair then ran out the back with employees following them. if you have any information about this crime, call police. >>> the army is considering whether to rescind an invitation to evangelist franklin graham. graham son of billy graham was s
are okay all the way down to the spur. moving to virginia. 66 eastbound. the trip seems to be moving well past route 50 to the capital beltway. 395 northbound also keeping an eye on this from duke street to the 14th street bridge. that road is checking out incident and accident free. it is pretty much smooth sailing. 95 northbound before that, drivers are at speed between the prince william parkway to the fairfax county parkway and beyond on to 395. back to andrea. >> a second officer from prince georges county police has been placed under suspension for the beating of a university of maryland student caught on tape last month. 9 news now reporter alex trevino has more. >> reporter: for years university of maryland students celebrated on route 1 after a big basketball win. this year that celebration got out of hand. police have seen in riot gear beating student jack mckenna charging him with assault. prosecutors have since dropped the charges and suspended two officers after the video surfaced. >> we believe we have identified all of -- all of the officers seen in the tape using force. >>
. >>> in dumb friday, virginia, police are trying to figure out how a 12-year-old got his hands on a gun. >> i did one project with him and we became friends during that project. >> are you surprised he would bring a gun to school? >> yeah, i wouldn't expect that from anyone. >> reporter: investigators say a teacher the outside of potomac middle school saw the boy pointing think gun and intervened. school officials say other students were never in jeopardy. prosecutors charged the boy with possessing a gun on school property which carries an automatic one-year expulsion. >>> prince georges county police suspended one officer and will investigating others who took part in a beating last month at college park. it happened during a melee. a student john mckenna was allegedly attacked and beaten by police officers. he was then charged with assaulting a police officer. because a video shot by a fellow student which captured the beating, the charges against mckenna were eventually dropped. an investigation of the officers began. he says he plans to sue the prince georges county police department. >>
. >>> police in fairfax county, virginia are looking for burglars who are walking away with stolen goods in front of neighbors. they say they have hit 17 units at the kingstown apartment complex. witnesses say when people were seen leaving with large items like flat screen tvs they just thought the men were movers. >>> four students who were imgrants completed a trail of dreams yesterday. they walked 1500-miles from miami to dc. they want president obama to issue an executive order stopping the detention and deportation of students until reform legislation is passed. >>> scientists unlock a key to learning whether a breast cancer survivor may develop a more serious form of the disease. that story is coming up. >>> a wild weather swing is in the northeast blanketed by snow. we have our own coming. here's howard. >>> the system will pull away and that means improving conditions for us. details are ahead when 9 news now returns. this stuff ether) really works! >>> this is jerricho , vermont where they are shoveling out 20 inches of snow this week. the snow downed trees and power lines. th
to bowling for bobs which is sunday afternoon in chantilly, virginia. she is currently fighting the disease which reappeared decades after the original diagnosis. for more information on bowling for bobs and to link to the signup page for the race for the cure, log on to and click on the buddy check tab at the top of the home page. and we wish artists and her husband abe the best. >>> the nationals might have a winning record by the end of the weekend. plus, the guy that talked smack about the caps goalie backed it up last night at the have been -- verizon center. >>> and here's a look at who's celebrating a [ crowd cheering ] male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ >>> good morning. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports from verizon center this morning. if your hockey team puts 47
are saying that the suspect is this 34-year-old and he may be driving a 1999 silver acura with virginia tags. anyone with information should contact alexandria police. >>> a fire will not keep students at one washington, d.c. high school from going to class today. it took about 75 firefighters to down the flames at eastern high school. construction works working on roof renovations accidently started the fire. >>> washington, d.c. firefighters were busy at another school on mississippi everywhere playground equipment caught fire. the flames damaged windows and an outside wall. investigators are trying to determine how that fire started. >>> today the investigation intensifies into last week's mining disaster in west virginia. k >>> welcome back, no problems to report traveling. >>> in the news now at 9 after the hour. a team a federal investigators will arrive at the upper big branch coalmine in west virginia. investigators will try to determine what caused the explosion that killed 29 people. it is the worst mining disaster in the united states in four decades. >>> the publicist for dixie
the duke street area to the 14th street bridge. we take to you 95 headed to northbound virginia and looks great between the prince william parkway and mixing bowl. it looks like everything is clear from 95 over to georgia. andrea, back to you. >>> today we could see a turn around in a major economic factor. the labor department will release its latest unemployment figures later this morning and the data is expected to show the first big improvement in almost 3 years. this comes on the heels of the predictions the u.s. economy gained 190,000 jobs last month. and president obama will focus on jobs today with a visit to a north carolina manufacturing plant >> i want you to know we are working every, single day to spur job creation and turn this economy around. >> another good sign is the surge in auto sales, even poor recalled plagued toyota. sales were up 40% a month when dealers were offering big incentives. >>> metro transit waited before they told riders about two rapes that happened in a metro parking garage. the assaults happened in february. on tuesday, a metro spokesperson says pol
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